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Gain Financial Freedom Through Passive Income With Multi Family Real Estate Investment In The US!

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Multi Family Real Estate Investment In Ohio

Build Passive Income Through Multi Family Real Estate Investing

We have built the engine to allow people like you the opportunity to invest in multi family properties of Ohio. Utilize our systems, tools, and experience to achieve higher returns than the stock market, and create passive income streams without doing all the heavy lifting…we already did it!

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Recurring Passive Income

Capital Appreciation

Tax Benefits

Tangible Asset

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Passive Income

Once you invest in our deals you will receive a cash flow distribution based on the schedule set up for each property. All you have to do is fill out the upfront paperwork, invest in a deal, and check your mailbox. Passive real estate investing is a great way to achieve financial freedom.

Solid Returns

Our goal is to provide consistent returns to our investors by acquiring real estate investments that have value add components like deferred maintenance, interior renovation, expense reduction, etc. We execute the value add plan usually in 24-36 months resulting in increased Net Operating Income and equity.

Tax Benefits

Real estate provides some of the most lucrative tax benefits on the planet including depreciation, 1031 exchange, and cash-out refinancing options. To learn more about tax benefits from real estate investments, click our tax benefits page here.

What Is Passive Income Through Multi Family Real Estate And Why Do I Need It?

Passive income is defined as income generated without you being actively involved. By generating enough monthly passive income to cover all our monthly bills, you are considered financially free. Achieving financial freedom allows you to gain complete control over your time so you can do EXACTLY what you want to do. We help people create passive income when we buy apartment complexes.

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Who Are The Apartment Buying Guys?

Lance Doty and Adam Mitchell are real estate investors and partners in Apartment Buying Guys specializing in syndicating multi family real estate investments in Ohio.  We are based in Dallas, TX and focus on buying value add Class B and C properties to generate passive income and significant returns for our investors.

We are passionate about bringing investors with us and that is why we syndicate many of our multi-family properties. You now have a way to get into multi family real estate investing without having to set everything up….we already did that ya’ll!

We improve the properties we buy in turn improving the communities we work in. We want the tenants that live in our properties to be proud of where they live while at the same time providing very good returns for our investors.

Current Investment Opportunities

We are pleased to offer our latest multi family real estate syndication Pelican Hills in Oklahoma City, OK. This property has significant value add opportunities including renovations needed to bring units back online, deferred maintenance, poor management, and below-market rents resulting in low occupancy. We have a healthy capex budget to bring the property back to prominence in a very nice neighborhood of OKC, completely overhaul the management and operations then take the property a step further with upgrades and new amenities providing a very nice place to live for the tenants.

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If you’re interested in multi family real estate investing with us, fill out the short form below and someone from our team will reach out to you to discuss your goals and the next steps to invest with the Apartment Buying Guys. We want to help you building passive income through real estate.

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Our Portfolio – Coming Soon

We have acquired 127 units in Dallas TX as Lead Sponsors. We have another 88 units we are projecting to close in early June 2022 In All over the USA. We have also invested in two multi family syndications as limited partners totaling 358 units. More info to follow on this.

Customer Reviews

We take pride in helping investors learn how to generate passive income from real estate as well as create generational wealth for their families. See what some of our customers are saying about the Apartment Buying Guys below.

What is a Multi Family Syndication?

Investing in multi family properties for passive income has become much easier with the rise of “Syndications“. Syndications allow multiple investors the opportunity to pool their money to buy multi family investment property. This is like buying a share of stock except the asset is an apartment complex business. You can usually achieve financial freedom quicker through syndications because the pool of investors can buy larger properties with higher potential returns and passive income. The passive income real estate investing we have access to by buying apartment complexes has been opened by Regulation A of the Jobs Act of 2012. We feel like this is the most lucrative change to the tax code in allowing individual investors the opportunity to participate in the multi family industry where it was once only available to institutional investors.

Why Should You Participate In Syndications?

Multi family Real estate investing in Ohio is a great way to diversify your portfolio and earn solid returns….not to mention the tax benefits. Our goal at Apartment Buying Guys is to provide better than stock market returns to our investors every year. With the combination of value add opportunities, creative renovations, and attention to financial details, we are confident in providing solid investor returns. Tax benefits through bonus depreciation are also a benefit to our investors allowing them to reduce their overall tax liability when investing in our deals.

 Our Acquisition Process

We have a very conservative approach to underwriting the properties we purchase so that we can deliver solid returns and passive income to investors. We target the Allover US markets for property acquisitions. Once we have a property in our sights we underwrite the deal thoroughly to see if it meets our investment criteria. Next, we discuss the property with our property management team to confirm our underwriting, learn more about the property and ensure our property management team can execute our business plan for that property. Once we have enough information and feel comfortable making an offer we submit a letter of intent, negotiate the contract, and begin the capital raise and closing processes.

We are transparent in our analysis and operations so that you are completely up to date on how your investment is doing. Lastly, we focus on communication with our investors to ensure a smooth process of investing, ownership, and sale throughout the life of the investments. All of the details of your investment will be captured and managed through our investor portal that each investor has access to. Here you can see your returns, distributions, and all documents that pertain to the investment you are in.

Current Market Conditions

The 2022 current multi family market has been very active the last few years with many larger markets seeing substantial rental growth, price appreciation, and sales with a very attractive interest rate market. As a whole, there is demand for additional apartment homes which are not being filled fast enough by class A new build projects. This lack of supply is causing upward pressure on pricing and rents, especially for Class B and C properties. Many real estate investment companies expect this trend to continue however at a bit slower pace with interest rates on the rise through 2022. As investors in real estate ourselves, we see passive income in real estate investing as a viable option for all investors in any market cycle.

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